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Wed, Jan 8, 2020 8:00 AM

my phone got lost in shipment

I added a line on xfinity mobile and had it shipped to my house, FedEx lost my device never made it to my house. I am being charged for that Line (which i dont have) Xfinity tells me i have to wait until they do a claim with Fedex before they can send me my phone.  and it can take up to 30 days, Which is unacceptable, I'm not the one who lost it.  They wont even let me cancel that line until its activated. 

That phone was a christmas present. The phone was lost at a fedex location in NJ. I talked to Fedex and they told me that the package is lost that they are closing the case, I called xfinity and they tell me I still have to wait. I am cancelling all my lines with xfinity as soon as I can.

VERY dissatisfied customer.


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1 y ago

Same thing happened here just 2 or 3 different made up stories from 3 different customer service reps who had no idea what was going on . I can't even start a new order until I pay that 19 dollars for a phone that I never RECEIVED it was sent back to them...WHATS WITH YOU PEOPLE?? IM UPSET THAT I LEFT TMOBILE FOR THIS CROCK OF SHENANIGANS... BRIDGET SANSONE WOULD LIKE THE PHONE SHE ORDERED LAST WEEK OR THE WEEK BEFORE.. I DONT FORSEE THIS BUSINESS BEING IN BIZ THAT MUCH LONGER WITH ALL THESE COMPLAINTS

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