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Sat, Feb 15, 2020 10:00 AM

Moto G7 Voicemail on Xfinity Mobile

I purchased a Motorola G7 Power phone from my local Xfinity store.  Works great except I cannot get voicemail to work.  When I press the voicemail button, I get an error that says "Please contact Xfinity Mobile to enable Visual Voicemail for your phone."  I called the number and talked to two different agents.  Neither could get voicemail to work.  The last agent told me to call Motorola.  Really!!?  You want me to call the cell phone manufacturer because the cell phone company cannot get voicemail to work on the cell phone I bought from them??


I'm hoping that someone from Xfinity Mobile will see this and come to my rescue before I am forced to return the phone and go to another service.


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2 y ago

Hello horsiedad,

Thanks for taking the time to post to the Xfinity Forum. It’s my pleasure to provide further direction.

The Xfinity Visual Voicemail application is not compatible with your Moto G7 Power. This applies to all Android devices released in 2019 or later. If the native voicemail app on your Moto G7 Power does not incorporate voicemail transcription, you would need to use a 3rd party app for transcribing services.

In case you are having any other issues with your voicemail service, I am more than happy to do further research. You can reply to me via private message by clicking on my name ComcastChrisL and from my profile page, you can click on the blue ‘send a message’ button.

For account authentication, please provide the following info in your private message;

First and last name, mobile number, complete service address, and the last 4 digits of the pay method on file.

Thanks again for your continued time and patience.


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