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Thu, Feb 27, 2020 1:00 PM

Issues With Customer Service

So this has been months of issues, first off, I started service had issues with a number port and was given wrong answers I had requested insurance on the two devices and my request went ignored. My device was irreplaceable due to never having insurance. Then when I got another device I was short cash so purchased and decided to put insurance later well I was told it was done the bill even changed so I thought that was the reason well it wasn't 2/4 of my devices damaged it was at this point my own fault. I was willing to pay them off but my other device only ever had partial service because of the number port issues. Paying for all of this was insane I requested mangers and was hung up on and transfered to other employees posing as management. Very upsetting! Later I was offered credit but never could even use my credit, I gave up let the service go but still intended to pay my devices in order to keep my end of the deal both reps left me with no answers and no way of paying since the payments will be left as null due to cancelled lines. I was suppose to have a manager contact me months ago regarding my experience and what can be offered to help with my account but months later haven't heard a word and the CSR do not allow transfers still apparently..... I think this has been the worst company for mobile service ever and I am an almost 3 year Xfinity customer with great payment statuses so hope you all find a way to fix things because this is a shame!


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