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Tue, Sep 15, 2020 3:00 PM

issue with Samsung Note 20 5g



I purchased an Iphone 11 for my phone number and when my daughters contract was up, she wanted the Note 20 5g. So I wasnt to fond of the Iphone 11 and we both decided when the Note 20 came in, we would change phones. I went into the local store and was told all we needed to do was SWAP sim cards, in which we did. Well a couple of days later, I noticed I did not have internet connection away from home and come to find out my daughter didn't either. I've called Xfinty Customer Service to only be placed on ETERNAL HOLD for 45 minutes to an hour on (4) different occassions. I have gone into the local store and sat while the young lady attempted to assist me w/Tech Support on the line...to no avail for HOURS. Our data is not working we are not at home because I have Xfintys internet service and we cant seem to get Xfinity to resolve the issue. It's going on two weeks and our phones are useless but I'm paying. Has anyone else experienced this issue and what should we do? I have been told this issue will be escalated but there has been no resolution in sight. Are there any techies out there who can help a non-techie person like me and Xfinity included...since they can't seem to rectify the issue? Any suggestions or input would be helpful.


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8 m ago

I have the same problem with my Note 20 Ultra 5G.

Xfinity is having trouble with BYOD and their 5G network. Go to the link below and check ur phones IMEI # and if its compatible my bet it will say the phone is not compatible. Move the sim to a none 5G phone and it should work, otherwise, you will have to wait like me for Xfinity to  fix this issue. My solution was to move to T-Mobile because of this and hopfully Xfinity will fix and i will be back because T-Mobile's network buuuut they have great customer service...lol



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7 m ago

I got an S20 unlocked from Samsung and had issues doing the BYOP thing. Called xfinity and it took the guy some doing but found the problem. When Verizon, the network provider, wrote the code or whatever they put all the 5g phones in the 4g category. Because of that you can't bring a 5g phone to the network without problems.
I was told this problem probably isn't going to be fixed any time soon. But phones bought from xfinity work as they should. I don't know why it makes a difference but apparently it does.
So my plan is to call samsung and see if they can set up my phone like it came from xfinity and try again.
Hopefully this issue is fixed sooner than later. I'll post back if I find anything else out.

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5 m ago

I bought my new Note 20 direct from Samsung. Thought it would be no problem and so did the Xfinity tech. He was on the phone and online for quite awhile and told me the phone IS NOT COMPATIBLE with Xfinity. My only choice was to switch carriers. Guess what, Verizon told me it wasn't compatible with their Network either! Called Samsung and they said this isn't the first problem exactly like this. They authorized a return since there is no way on their end to fix the problem. They do not offer an exchange program. You would think that a manager at Samsung, a manager at Verizon and a tech at Xfinity might have known about the compatibility issues. Turns out that Xfinity and Verizon run on a different network than anyone else. Xfinity uses Verizon's cell towers. The only way to go with either company is to buy the phone from them directly. Very disappointing.

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