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Fri, Sep 11, 2020 1:00 PM

Is there no way to talk to someone in XFinity Mobile Customer Service about a unique issue?

It's frustrating enough dealing with a death of a family member. But when I try to take care of a unique situation with their existing Xfinity Mobile service, none of the XFinity phone menu choices apply (they finally hung up on me when I didn't choose one of the options which didn't apply), XFinity Assistant is useless for my situation, the local store where I turned in family member's TV equipment gave me a phone number to call for Mobile help (Mobile help is an oxymoron).

I simply want to transfer family member's number to my Xfinity Mobile account. Should be simple, right? The current wait time on the phone is 40 minutes and why would I do that if the menu system has no option for me? I need to keep the phone number active for now. I can't transfer the phone to my account because XFinity won't allow a transfer like that online. So I have 2 choices - cancel the service and hope I don't need the number to verify something for his estate, OR just pay the $15/ month bill until I'm certain the number is no longer needed.

Xfinity, your customer service is a joke.



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8 m ago

You could port the number out to Google Voice, which won't cost anything but you'd have the number if you need it for something.


I am currently on hold with Xfinity support, which has been telling me for half an hour that my hold time is more than 60 minutes. I have never experienced anything like it.

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