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Tue, Feb 23, 2021 8:00 AM

Is there a place to complain about their customer service employees?

I just switched over to Xfinity on the 9th.   Then the ice and snow hit Texas and some of the towers went down.  Now that things are normalizing, we're finding we don't get service in our home.  We can call people but they can't understand us and we can't understand them.  I chatted with a chick yesterday to see if they could send a booster or something.  She basically said they don't support boosters and can she do anything else to help.  LIKE....YES!  I WANT TO CALL ON MY PHONE!  She said no supervisors were available but she could have one call me.  Ummmm...she can call me but she won't be able to hear me....remember why we're chatting?  She basically told me she couldn't help me and if I had to leave Xfinity, it would be my choice.  WHAT?????  I drove down the street to call and spoke with a very nice and helpful guy who is trying to help.  I just want them to know that one of their reps may be causing them to lose business.  Very unprofessional and very unhelpful.



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