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Thu, Jan 9, 2020 5:00 AM

iPhone XR incompatible technology

I have a 2 month old iPhone XR  that was bought and unlocked from AT&T.

When I brought the phone to the Xfinity store to port it, based on the IMEI number it was incompatible tecnhology.  The store  tried a blank sim and it didnt work.  They want to sell me a new phone for $650, with minimal trade in.


I took the phone tio the verizon store, swapped  in a live SIM and it worked to make calls !!!


What can Xfinity do about using this phone?   When will the problem be fixed.

If I buy an Xfinity phone and later want to go to another network, ATT verizon or others, will the new phone work on all networks







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1 y ago

The iPhone XR model 1984 is the only model sold in the US and is compatible with all of the providers.  Do you happen to have a Public Beta or Developer IOS software version on the iPhone?  I had that happen to me with a Public Beta version of IOS and Xfinity would not recognise it until it was restored to the current version. 


Also if you purchased a new phone from Xfinity, it would work with other providers once it is unlocked.  

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