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Mon, Sep 28, 2020 8:00 PM

iPhone X died, looking for temp options to hold over till iPhone 12 without major disruption/cost


I'm in a bit of a jam and looking for a path foward.  My iPhone X died this weekend (it continuously reboots, won't restore) after I was stuck in a thunderstorm for over an hour.   I was already planning on buying an iPhone 12 when they are announced in October, and need to figure out a solution for the upcoming month.


I've seen Xfinity in the past on these forums has acknowledged troubles on moving SIM cards around, but some of those issues sounded like they got resolved by better integration with Verizon's systems.   Would I be able to do the following:

1) Purchase a Motorolo Moto E unlocked phone 
2) Take my SIM card from my iPhone X and use it on the Moto E  (BYOD)
3) Order an iPhone 12 from Apple direct (I already have apple financing and gift cards)
4) Take the SIM card from the Moto E and move it to the iPhone 12  (BYOD)

Would I be able to do this without issues?  Are there other steps I'd have to do?

Additional Questions:
1) Would Xfinity support the iPhone 12 on the day it comes out, or will there be a delay in supporting it as BYOD?
2) I have an Apple Watch Series 4 paired to my iPhone X line.  What happens to this pairing when I temporarily move to an android line?

Anything else I should be aware of?  I really don't want to have to splurge for a new iPhone in the month before the iPhone I had been waiting for finally comes out, I'm hoping to find a painless way to get by for a few weeks.

I had asked on Xfinity Mobile's customer service chat, but the rep I spoke to was unaware of issues moving SIM cards around - whereas this forum is full of people who have had issues and Xfinity reps who have acknowledged them... so I'm hoping someone here can give me more confidence in an answer.


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