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Sun, Oct 18, 2020 10:00 PM

iphone 11 pro max

The iphone 11 pro max is out of stock and I would ike to order one before this sale is over. Do you guys anticipate getting more of the 11's? If so, when? Also, does the website account for store inventory? Should I go by a store and see if they have any in stock?



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8 m ago

apple has  discontinued  the  iphone  11  pro  and pro max line   up  but   you  can  pre order the iphone  12 pro   or   the  pro max on  NOV  6th 



i dont think they be getting  any more  11 pro max   back in stock  since its been discontinued  buy  apple 




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8 m ago

Can I just recommend that you ALWAYS go to the store when buying a phone from Xfinity? If you buy it in the mail and something goes wrong and you need to return it they always say there's something wrong with it and people end up with charges on their credit card time & time again. HTH

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