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Sat, Nov 23, 2019 5:00 PM

International charge with cellular data off

I recently went to the Cayman Islands. To prevent international roaming charges I turned cellular data off before we took off. Upon landing in Grand Cayman, before I had wifi, I received a welcome text from Xfinity. I checked and cellular data was off. I did not turn cellular data until I landed back in the US. On my bill for the time I was out of the US, I had 6 charges for texting. Why would I receive text charges with cellular data turned off? I sent texts while there but only when I had WiFi.

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SMS text messages carry over standard tower signals, not cellular data. To make sure you avoid roaming, I'd suggest putting the phone in airplane mode (turns off all antennas) then turning on Wi-Fi manually (and Bluetooth if needed). Even though it's the same tower, it's not considered cellular data. To test, turn off Wi-Fi and cellular data and see if you can send and receive domestic text messages and phone calls.

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