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Fri, Jan 8, 2021 6:00 PM

Incident Today

On December 10th I received a call promoting a free iPhone SE if I port over an additional line. I told the caller I only had 4 people in my family and didn't need an extra line.  He said use your google voice number and get a free phone so I set up the 5th line for my 5-month-old lab. I ordered the phone under my google voice number thinking it would just transfer. When I received it before activating, I asked customer service is this a free phone or are you going to wind up charging me $400. They assured me it was free and encouraged me to go ahead and activate it.  Of course, I was charged on my bill for the phone and called yesterday to inquire. I was then told I had to unlock my google voice #. No one ever told me this and Xfinity assigned the line some random number without telling me and was expecting me to pay $16.66 a month for the next 2 years. I unlocked the phone and talked to an agent named Robert who said my voice number was ported but then quickly put me in a 2-hour queue to talk to a next level administrator. After being on the phone with that person for 90 minutes she assured me all was good and my new number would be ported from google voice. As soon as I hung up all 5 of my phone lines went dead. I was able to text customer service. After 3 hours of texts, they tried and send me to a store that didn't even deal in mobile but I wound up at a store that did.  They said I had to get new sim cards for all the phones.  When I get to the store I was told they can't author new sim cards.  The women there was nice enough to call but I had to wait for 90 minutes in the store in COVID conditions to get someone who could help. Oh year, one of the agents I dealt with called me while i was at the Xfinity store called me back and yelled at me for talking to others after her. When i told her all my phones went dead she became hostile and blamed it on me.  I am now back to where I started yesterday. I absolutely cannot believe this.  Who is held accountable for this?  What is going on? 


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