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Mon, Sep 23, 2019 9:00 PM

In my experience—-Beware of mobile service

I’m my opinion this is the worst ever mobile service/ support ever. I had issue with dropping calls from the beginning. They told me that they would prorate me when they could find the issue. Well time goes by no fix and no prorating my bill. The bill for garbage service keeps coming and no fix. So after many months of this I said forget it after giving multiple attempts to stay with the company. I decided to switch to t-mobile and then my bill went up even higher. Switched on the 22nd of September and was told on the phone that I would have to pay an October bill also. How do you even do that to a valued customer that has been having so many issues when I tried to stick it out with the company. I think big company’s should stop pushing customers around if they want customers. This only scratched the surface of my experience.

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