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Thu, Nov 24, 2022 2:37 AM

ID verification / discrimination

just had the worst experience and I am wondering if anyone is having the same issue.

i happily signed up to extend my plan and add 3 mobile lines and phones to my account. There is a cool promo for Black Friday and I was truly stocked. However, after completing the order, paying and all, I got the email saying that it was necessary to verify my identity.

weird, since all the accounts are linked to my home address, and that I have been a paying customer for 8 years. But hey, I’m a law abiding/tax paying adult. 

My driver’s licensed just expired though, and the system wouldn’t accept any other of the ID proof that I have.. because I am not a US citizen, I have many documents (passport, ID) from my home country.

But I live, work here, legally of course.

The xfinity employee told me that the reason for the ID check was to avoid identity theft. So I answered that I could go to a store and present all documentation proving that I am … me. “No, that won’t work”.

Bottom line, I feel discriminated against because of my nationality. And that is illegal if a company treats you differently based on your national origin. US passport books are accepted, not from another nation.

And even though I’ll have a renewed driver’s license soon, the promotion ends in a few days. 

Is xfinity just trying to have “American customers “?? Not very smooth, nor legal.


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2 days ago

Per the support article below you probably exceeded your XM credit (payment plan) limit which then triggered a credit check to see if they could or should increase the limit to buy additional phones. 


Your best bet at this point may be to look at visible.com which has some very good deals this week and best of all they only lock your phone for a few months. They are owned by Verizon and use Verizon towers. 



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@DaveO3​ thanks for your answer, but I didn’t exceed anything in the payment plan.. 

Xfinity even charged me for the new phones, so right now my money is with them. I know they’ll eventually reimburse me, but it gives them 72 hours to place client’s money and make gains..!

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