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Fri, Dec 11, 2020 6:00 PM

I wonder if the IMIE compatibility checker is a BIG scam to get you to buy the phones from Xfinity..

I have read on this forum so many people stating the IMIE checker says their new Galaxy phones are not compatable. I have a Galaxy S20+ that I purchased dirtect from Samsung unlocked back in May 2020. I received the phone. Had a new SIM sent to me Via mail, and it works. I just now went to the IMIE checker and put my number in and it states my phone is not compatable... all while it is currently working on Xfinity and I had no problem getting the SIM card back in May. I have seen other post on her where other were sucessful getting their Galaxy Note20 to work and the xfinity web site states it is not compatable. So what gives? Why is the website stating these phones are not compatiable but oh the same phone from Xfinity will work, and somehow some people have these phones that do work. Seems pretty fish. 


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