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Sun, Dec 27, 2020 6:00 AM

I was told by xfinity agent that my Pre order Iphone 12 couldn't be cancelled

I was told  by  Xfinity Agent that my pre-order iphone 12 could'nt be exchanged for the iphone Max

online. That it was too late. " When you receive the phone bring it to Xfinity store that sells phones".

They said I could exchange the 12 Pro for the 12 MAX at the Xfinity store..

They had no iphone 12 MAX and I returned the new unopened 12 Pro to the store manager to return it to Xfinity. In the process of activating the return they lost my original SIMM card.They gave me a new one but my Iphone 6 plus S has not been recognized on their website since.

To make matters worse the The iphone 12pro has not shown up at the wharehouse that processes the return. It has been one month. I feel it is unfair to make me responsible for this lost return as it was processed through the store manger. I would have never returned ths 12 pro to the store unless an Xfinity rep told me ,thats what I should do.


Now I am being told I will be charged till the iphone 12 Pro shows up. I feel this is unfair as they know the manger of the store submitted the return.

Multiple tickets have been submitted to fix this issue. I feel this process is very unfair to the customer. I returned the iphone 12 pro through a manager of a company store. He was the last person to take posession of this phone.

This has to be corrected so I can get the iphone that I want!




















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6 m ago

Hi there, RZX. Please reach out to Xfinity Mobile support via the options listed here: https://comca.st/38X75uH.

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