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Wed, Dec 9, 2020 8:00 PM

I can't connect to secure "Xfinity" hotspots

For more than 7 days I have not been able to connect to the secure "XFINITY" hotspot, I can only connect to the free "xfinitywifi" hotspot, my phone is an iPhone XS, the operating system has been updated to iOS 14.2, I have performed a network reset setting, uninstalled and reinstalled the xfinity hotspot app and I have not been able to connect again to the secure hotspot called "XFINITY", I have had interminable calls with technical support agents, they have transferred me to support level 2 and they still have not been able to give me a solution to this problem.
I have searched as many sites as I have found helpful and although I see that it is a problem that affects several users of the service, there is no solution that can be applied in a simple way.
Today they were able to get you to connect to the so called "xfinitiwifi" hotspots, but as a subscriber to Xfinity Internet and Xfinity Mobile, you should have access to the secure "Xfinity" hotspots.
If anyone knows of a solution to this problem, I would greatly appreciate your collaboration.


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