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Fri, Jan 1, 2021 3:00 PM

How do we protect our phones on Xfinity Mobile now that Norton is no longer offered for free?

As of today, Comcast and Xfinity are no longer offering free Norton, and they're encouraging people to get on board with xFi.  I've decided to use Windows Defender for my laptop (and maybe add a free malware program such as BitDefender as an extra precaution), but it occurred to me that I may need some kind of firewall protection and antivirus protection for my cell phone too.  It's an Android on an Xfinity Mobile plan, and the default browser is Chrome, which I use daily.  


Should I still sign up for xFi, or is there are a better option?  And whether or not I sign up for xFi, what happens when I'm using the Internet on my phone when I'm away from home? 


I apologize if my question is stupid. I'm not very tech-savvy about cell phones.  I know enough not to visit sketchy-looking websites or download apps outside the Google Play store, but I'm afraid that someone could steal my usernames or passwords on the reputable sites I visit daily. 


So, if you're on Xfinity Mobile, what are you guys doing re: firewall and virus protection now that free Norton service is gone?  




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2 m ago

I would like to know the same. Your question was my question. Customers helped put Xfinity Mobile on the map as number 1 cell phone provider and now they have decided to just cut service provisions that we had when we bought our phones and committed to purchase plans? So messed up and certainly no way to treat your loyal customers.

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