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Friday, July 15th, 2022 4:20 PM


How can my iPhone work with Xfinity if its locked by Verizon and registered to a different iPhone, for over 3 years??

I purchased my iPhone XR, UNLOCKED, from Best Buy in October 2019. Took the brand new UNLOCKED phone directly to the Xfinity store that same day. I asked them to transfer my existing service with Xfinity to my new iPhone XR. I was in and out of the store within 8 minutes and have had no issues. Until I tried to switch carriers. I took my phone to the Xfinity store and had a representative look at it. I was informed that the phone was indeed locked but not by Xfinity. I was also informed that the SIM card in my current iPhone XR is reregistered to the iPhone 7+ that I purchased from THEM years ago. 

I contacted Apple and they were able to help me figure out, with the IME number, that the phone is locked by Verizon. I have never had any business dealing with Verizon in my entire life but I called them anyways. They have no record of the IME number because I have NEVER had an account with them.

The automated system is not recognizing my account number or my phone number therefore it will not connect me with a live agent. I have had to ask for "new service" in order to get that department to connect me to a human in the correct department. Once I have gotten through to an agent and request to speak to a supervisor I have to repeat myself again only to be met with someone who is unhelpful and ultimately being hung up on, with no call back. 


Xfinity is the ONLY service provider I have ever had and they are the ONLY ones that have ever touched my phone. I didn’t even know that you could change a SIM card until last week.

How is the Xfinity SIM card, registered to my old iPhone 7+ according to Xfinity human staff members, be currently working in my iPhone XR, that is supposedly locked by Verizon. And for 3 years??? If my service is provided by Xfinity how can my phone be locked by Verizon and why can’t anyone answer that???

I have been with Xfinity mobile since 2017 and Xfinity/Comcast since the 90’s and this is type of service I’m being provided? To be hung up on multiple times, giving no applicable way of helping me out or at least send me in the right direction. 

If there is anyone out there that can actually help and is not just automated message, please reach out. Thank you, FRUSTRATED :(



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1 year ago

More than likely, Best Buy did not sell you an unlocked iPhone XR, it was probably locked to Verizon which started to lock their iPhones in July of 2019.  You should go to Best Buy with your iPhone receipt to have them determine why it isn't unlocked if your purchased it that way.  Since Xfinity is mobile virtual network operator that uses Verizon towers, that explains why you're locked Verizon iPhone works with an Xfinity SIM card.  Also any Xfinity SIM card can be swapped to a different iPhone and work although there may be some functions like plan switching that do not work without the SIM being registered to the phone IMEI number. 



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@MEGEDH​ Thank you for your input. I have already gone to Best Buy, got a copy of the receipt and was told they do not sell LOCKED phones.

Nonetheless I will call them again armed with this new info about when the phones where switched with Verizon. That happened in July of 2019 & I bought my phone in October of 2019. So it is definitely possible that the representative I spoke with at Best Buy was unaware of this.

Wish I could have gotten this information from Xfinity but after 20 years I guess they just don't want my business(es) anymore.

Thanks again for your help. Be safe, Be well. :-)

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