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Thu, May 6, 2021 4:49 PM

HELP!! Ordered an iPhone 12 Pro Max and received an empty box

Ordered a iPhone 12 Pro Max for my brother for christmas it was suppose to be delivered dec.23 but got delayed for some reason and arrived on dec 24 Christmas Eve.

I got a notification on my phone saying it got delivered so went home to get the package as I lift up the box it was really light like nothing was in there i opened the box and all I see is a SIM card and a receipt I quickly called Xfinity mobile and they filed a fedex claim and told me to get a police report. 

I got the police report sent the claims department a copy of the police report and waited. I called them after 2 weeks still no update. And another 2 weeks still no update. So a full month passes by and I finally got an email stating it was denied so I called them and they told me that the date on the police report didn’t match the date I received the phone. I put the date dec 23 cause that’s when it was supposed to be delivered I had a screenshot of the tracking number and it shows “out for delivery by the end of the day” but never came instead it came the next day dec 24th

So I went back to police station corrected my mistake and sent the claims department the copy of police report and waited again. 2 weeks later I got an email saying it was denied again. So at this point I’m pissed and irritated so I called them to ask why and guess what they said “ the police report is fake”. I said WHAT YOU MEAN ITS FAKE!!!!!! They repeated what they said and told me that they called the police station and they said that they cant find the report number in their system and now I’m responsible for the MISSING phone

I explained to them that why in the hell would I create a fake police report that’s stupid then I asked to give me some time to go back to police station and fix this, they just told me to call back again once I get the police report .(mind you they didn’t give me a time frame to do this and since we’re on lock down/pandemic it was difficult for me to go to police station also on top of that one of my family members got sick and didn’t want to risk going outside).

now it’s February I got another police report called and gave them the copy then they tell me to wait 24-48 hours for a response I said ok. 3 days goes by and I called them again they tell me to wait another 48hours I said ok. The next day I get an email it says “FedEx conducted an internal investigation and found no mishandling of the package.” I’m so pissed off so I called again and they tell me that I was suppose to file another claim within 10days of getting denied and that since the first police report I gave them was apparently “fake” they told me the decision is final and I’m responsible for the phone.

im so pissed off after all this time I still get denied.

can someone please help me please this is ridiculous and it isn’t right at all 


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1 m ago

Thank you for reaching out! I do have to apologize though; due to this matter needing direct account access, for security reasons we cannot help with this issue over our forums. For assistance with this matter, please give us a call at 1 (888) 936-4968 or chat online at https://comca.st/33oWjem and one of our experts will be happy to look into this for you! -Ben



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How will you help me can you please explain after talking to multiple customer service reps I even talked to a supervisor she was completely rude disrespectful and didn’t want to give me a reason why. She just told me that I’m responsible for the phone and we can’t do anything about it and if I can’t pay it will go into collections. That’s not right at all forcing me to pay for a phone when I never received it. I asked for a manager I asked for a district manager I even asked for HR and she still wouldn’t want to transfer me or give me some contact information to talk to someone higher position than hers then she hangs up on me. 

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