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Sat, May 28, 2022 9:05 PM


Grandfathered $12 plan

HI I'm on the grandfathered $12 1gb plan.     If for one month I use the $30 3GB plan, can I go back  the following month to the old $12 1GB plan?


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6 months ago

Yes, but be careful. Yes, change your Shared Data which you can do at any time, up or down or unlimited for a line. 

Don’t click on anything that says Upgrade today, or Upgrade Plan. 

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2 months ago

I am also grandfathered into the $12.00 per GB plan. I have up graded iPhones 4 times now and now I'm upgrading todayto the pro 14 Plus. I will not be using the 5G, but will remain with the LTE, which is fast enough for Me, my wife and her sister. We rarely exceed the 1 GB plan, as none of us watch videos with our phones. We have ultra fast internet through Xfinity, and 95% of our usage is through xfinity! For now this has been working great for us! 

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