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Fri, May 15, 2020 4:00 PM

Fedex stole my iPhone!

I placed an order for 3 phones, and got 2 in the box. I spent 4 hours plus on the phone with Xfinity. My rep was wonderful. That was nice because I was HOT in the beginning waiting for a rep and typing in the support chat. Every rep I spoke with believes the phone was stolen by FedEx. I'm told they filed a claim and I have to wait until they call me for info and evidence. This delay is going to cause me to be charged again by my old phone company which is in 4 days. I'm told there's no way this is resolved by then. They won't let me add another line on, they won't let me replace the order because there's a 5 device limit. And I'm told if it's not resolved in 14 days I'll be charged the first monthly amount. Also I can't touch the 2 phones I was sent, so they are sitting wrapped and idk what to do. I'm frustrated. I asked to pick the phones up at the Xfinity store. They said no I have to do it online. My next shipment is going to the Xfinity office. Let them open it and hand me my phone's. Your reps knew right away it was FedEx and they say it happens all the time. I said why not use USPS! They bring my Amazon stuff untouched. If FedEx is stealing make FedEx pay for the phone. They'll stop letting their drivers slide on stealing people's phones. If phones are always stolen from Xfinity mobile en route maybe you should change companies or something. I thought Xfinity just forgot to send my third phone. But the round sticker that says "this is *****'s phone" for the 3rd phone was in the box, stuck to the brown wrapping paper. There were 3 pieces of brown wrapping paper, no packaging materials to cushion the phones. I have pictures, I have video of the delivery guy. Im ready for the investigation. I wish Xfinity would send me a phone as an extra line and then take the stolen phone off my card once it is resolved. I was desperately in a hurry to get away from my old company. I have to pay another month just so I can port the numbers and get the discounted rates. This thing has me sick to my stomach tho. I have to spend so much time and so much more money just to get what I already paid for. Customer since 1993, 4 services now with mobile, and Xfinity is just like "too bad so sad."


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