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Wed, Nov 11, 2020 11:00 AM

Error Ordering iPhone on website

I've been trying to order an iphone 12 for 2 days now and each time I hit "Select Device" to place the order, the website responds with a general error page. I've tried several different browsers on my Mac and iPhone with always the same error. 


Something went wrong.

Trying this page again may help fix the problem.


Is the website ordering system working for others?


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7 m ago

Problem is that I have 2 Internet Service Addresses on my account. One is for my home and the other is for my parent's home. Apparently Xfinity Mobile hasn't tested for this case.


I placed the order from my Mother's account and everything worked. Would have preferred the phone being associated with my home address, but this will work.


Wish Comcast would test their website better to handle the case of multiple Internet Service Addresses for a username. This has to have happened to others and they might be losing some business because of a buggy website.

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