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Tue, Sep 17, 2019 7:00 PM


Dismal Preorder Experience

I preordered the iPhone 11 Pro Max a few minutes after 0800 on 9/13. Seamless experience, only to have my order canceled for “verification”. I have multiple lines as well as Xfinity Home security, Internet, and mobile. So I went to the brick and mortar store today and re-made the preorder, showing my ID and giving my SSN to avoid the verification problem. Not 6 hours later upon calling to make sure there were no issues I was informed that I must verify. AGAIN. Even though I did the transaction in-store. So I agreed to the verification. I answered the identification questions, only to be out on hold for 5 minutes and then to be told, and I’m quoting: “The system won’t give me (xfinity associate) any questions to verify, we are having all sorts of problems I’m sorry but there’s nothing we can do except have you place the order AGAIN”. This is unacceptable. My payment me this was authorized for the taxes and device payment, and now I have to go to the Xfinity store on launch day and HOPE I can get the device I want. Xfinity... your associate on the phone was very friendly, but she flat-out told me that your systems are having all sorts of issues with verification. I am a federal law enforcement officer, who came to a store and showed my ID as well as gave my personal info, and not only was my card charged and I was given a receipt, but I signed the agreement for the device payment IN STORE. Now despite
All of that trouble I will still have to show up on launch day and hope there is inventory for me to obtain my device. This is completely unacceptable and I am starting to doubt my switch to your services for my 3 (was soon to be 4) lines.

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3 y ago

Exact same thing for me. I was told that even in store on launch day if they have stock they are still going to have you verify over the phone in store that you are the person placing the order. Let me know if your issue gets resolved.
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