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Mon, Nov 2, 2020 6:00 AM

Disaster Relief (Deferring a payment)

So on the 24th of October I applied to defer my last moblie phone payment origginally due on the 25th. I was approved but I was scared that they would still attempt to take a payment because my bank allows overdrafts. I spoke with an agent to tell them my concerns and they assured me this would not happen. On the 26th I noticed my acct was negative due to a pending charge (from xfinity moble) scheduled to come out on the 27th. I immediately called and told them the issue. The customer rep. told me he didnt see anything scheduled to come out on that day and that there was no autopay scheduled at all. On the 27th the payment went through causing an overdraft fee. Ultimately Ive accummulated 4 overdaft fees so far. The money I did have in the bank wouldve been eniugh to pay my smaller bills. which I why I deferred the larger one, being my xfinity mobile bill. When I contacted xfinity on this, the rep told me "well the money was there, so the charge is legit. Nothing we can do".  Sometimes it doesnt work out the way you thought it would I guess, oh well


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5 m ago

I have the same issue and have been on the phone with them for 40 minutes already. They say that the disaster relief team FORGOT to check a box when they submitted so that's why they suspended my services. So unacceptable!



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