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Mon, Oct 19, 2020 6:00 PM

Defective Phone Sold to me and Xfinity refusing refund

I purchased a brand new iPhone XS from from Xfinity mobile on September 29 and started to use it, two days and I realized while this phone does not hold a charge so I reached out to Xfinity mobile who redirected me to Apple care who said let me do a screen grab the saw it wasn’t holding a charge and they issued me a replacement phone this whole time I spent $700 and have yet to receive the film that actually would work so I had to wait for the Apple store to get the phone in for me to go pick up the new phone I finally go and get this new phone and trade in the old new phone October 6 and this phone also is not working October 13 I get reached out to Xfinity mobile and they told me oh well it’s past 14 days since purchase. $700 AND I STILL HAVE YET TO RECEIVE A WORKING PHONE!! THEY ROBBED ME. Guess what Xfinity jokes on you, you’ll never be Amazon. You’re just criminals.





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8 m ago

Your post is very confusing... but if I understand correctly, Apple issued you the new replacement phone & you brought it back to Xfinity when it didn't work. Why??? Why wouldn't you bring it back to Apple... they're the ones that gave you the phone?

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