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Tue, Sep 17, 2019 2:00 PM

Data usage

Hello, I have had the phone a month and used 2.34 GB.  I watch Netflix on the television via the wifi.   On the phone I do phone calls, watch NECN news, Facebook, play chess, watch news on CNN, watch some Utube videos and the like.   I was told that the TV on Netflix does not count toward the phone usage.  What is using so much?


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2 y ago

Check the mobile data in your phone's settings. It'll show which apps have been using data.

To conserve data, I keep mobile data disabled unless I need to use it. I also have background data turned off on all apps that use it. This wouldn't be a good option for those who need to continuously monitor things such as security cameras, doorbells, etc.


My phone (LG X Charge) has a setting in Advanced Wi-Fi to switch automatically to mobile data when Internet unavailable via Wi-Fi. I also keep that turned off.

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