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Fri, Sep 27, 2019 3:00 PM

Customer Care or harrasment team

The customer care representatives for Xfinity Mobile help number 888 936 4968 are very uncooperative and rude. I had called them 3 times recently twice to refund my additional device payment for which I was forced to pay at xfinity store to early upgrade my device but after processing the payment the store attendant told me the device I want is out of stock. Shouldn't she check before making me pay additional payment.
Whatever, I thought that I will ask for refund as it was mistake on their side. Now on phone customer care people told me it is not possible to refund payment once made for whatever reason.
Such a huge disappointment. :(:(:( Is it some kind of loot that once you hand over the money you cant get it back.
So I wasted 1 hour of mine while customer care keeping me on hold and finally declared cant be done. You have no option. :(:(
Now my second chance to talk to pathetic customer care. I wanted to unlock my device after I decided to fully pay the remaining payment as I already pay more than enough for an early upgrade. :(. So after making all my payment at same physical store, I called them to unblock my number. She said sure, it will be done, hold on for some time while I do it. AND I HOLDED for full 40 minutes. NO UPDATE / RESPONSE in between. So finally hang it up after that and phone is still locked.
Such a headache.

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