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Wed, Apr 21, 2021 9:38 PM

Countless Unwanted/Unsolicited Phone Calls

I'm getting pretty fed up with countless calls everyday.  Some say "Potential Spam" others just a phone #.  I refuse to answer these calls.  When I use my home phone, block my # and call the number, they are all out of service.  I hope someone can help me stop these calls, or I'll be forced to 1) change my #, or 2) find another carrier.  How are they getting my #?? Please help.  Thanx in advance





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15 d ago

These sound like bot calls to random numbers -- if you get a new number, it will also get calls. They are typically not targeted at a specific individual. When I make the mistake of answering such a call, usually no one is there on the other end and the call disconnects after a few seconds, suggesting that all I've done by answering is to confirm to the bot that it's a live number so another number can call me to try to sell me . . . whatever they are selling that day. When I get fed up with it, I enable Do Not Disturb (on my Samsung Galaxy S9) in which I have set an exception for Favorites in my contacts list (or can set to allow any saved contact). Any other lines can still get through but go straight to voicemail, and usually do not leave a message unless it is a legitimate call I need to return. There are also third party apps (such as Youmail) that allow more control over incoming call management, but stock is enough for me.

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13 d ago

Hello, @sherlock2667! Thank you so much for reaching out to us over our Community Forums! We share your pain, those calls can be very frustrating, and quite annoying. We have a call screening, and blocking feature available with our Home Phone Service. I have included a link to the article that will give you an overview.


Also, this link has some great information on how to deal with these types of calls with our Xfinity Mobile service. I was getting a pretty big wave of calls to my mobile phone, and blocked them all. After that they seemed to stop.

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Us as well. I’ve changed our number 3 times now in a year! What the hell comcast. I’ve never even given out our number 

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12 h ago

I use Youmail & at best, it might mark calls as "potential spam" - UNACCEPTABLE.  Not sure why, but now, anytime I go to view my pictures in I get annoying adds.  I'm fed up with Xfinity Mobile & discussing with my attorney how I can get out of my contract.  I've talked with 2 Xfinity competitors & both say these issues are on Xfinity.  We will see, but I';m at wits end & if dropping Xfinity is the answer, I'm going for it.

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