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Thu, Oct 8, 2020 1:00 PM

Connect to XFINITY hotspot but no internet access

On my iPhone XR, I am able to connect to either the XFINITY (secure) or xfinitywifi (unsecure) hotspot SSIDs, but then I am not able to get internet access. Not through the browser and not through any apps including email. On top of this, my iPhone XR is on xfinity Mobile, so it connects to hotspots automatically and then I do not get emails or other data updates while connected with no internet connection. I am on iOS 14.01, but this also happened with iOS 13.7. I was hoping iOS 14 would resolve the issue.


My wife's Galaxy phone, my daughter's iPhone XR and my computer connect to the same hotspots and have internet without issue.


I had the same issue on my iPad and the xfinity internet team went into the backend network and cleared out the MAC address for my iPad and then it started working. I asked if they could do the same for my iPhone, but they do not have visibility into xfinity Mobile devices. Is someone at xfinity Mobile able to do this backend network clearing of my MAC address?




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