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Wed, Aug 11, 2021 2:54 AM


I have a Galaxy from XM which I picked up on May 8. The screen now responds to touch sporadically, I called XM several times on this on 08/09/2021 and was told by a rep that I needed to take the phone to an Xfinity store. I explained to the rep that I'm currently working in SC and the nearest store was 75 miles away in GA, she then said that I had no choice since I couldn't be helped otherwise. On 08/10 I drove the 75 miles to the store, where a very charming rep took my drivers licence and verified my ID, She then told me that even though they had the same phone in-store, she couldn't hand it to me, the phone had to be mailed....... it gets better because I tell her that since I'm working in SC the phone should be mailed there....but no, their system doesn't allow that. Xfinity has to mail the phone to my FL address and then my wife has to mail it to me in SC. At that point, I gave up and said "mail the phone to FL" and then I drove the 75 miles back to SC.

It gets even better, (remember that my touch screen doesn't work properly, an hour ago I get a text telling me to verify my identity by using the nonworking phone to take a picture of my ID or my replacement phone order would be cancelled within 72hrs, So, I call XM and wind up with a rep who says I have to take a pic, I speak to a supervisor who tells me the same thing AND also tells me that I was randomly chosen for ID verification, never mind that I drove 150 miles and an xfinity rep took my ID from my hand, looked at it and verified my ID. So these jackasses who are xfinity want me to use a nonworking phone to take a pic of my ID and send it to them using the same nonworking phone.

I couldn't make up this idiocy if I tried. My huge regret is not going Tmobile where my I have my children's service

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