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Fri, Jan 1, 2021 9:00 PM

Complaint ! My order canceled without any reason and not able to place the order again as well

I got an e-mail on 21/31/2020 that my order has been canceled citing reasons that unable to deliver. When I called customer service rep i was told that they don't have any information or reason why my order was cancelled. A very unprofessional and in effieceint customer service team kept me on call for close to 3 hours and tells me that they don't know the reason why my order was cancelled. I asked to speak with a manager but was put on a long hold so i had no option to cut the call. As all customer rep were suggesting to re-place the order as they don't have any clue what happened to my order, so when I tried to replace the order again, system did not let me do it as it was showing erorr, i called up customer care to place order on my behalf but she was also gettign the same error. So now My order was cancelled and I am not able to place the order as well I need answers and clarification please. I'm a current customer of Xfinity with Internet and mobile phone. Why is there such trouble in getting myself a cell phone for myselfand I? I would like a Manager or a Customer Rep that can give me factual information to what is happening here. 


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