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Thu, Sep 2, 2021 1:38 AM

Cell Data being used when cell data option shut off

I’ve noticed my data usage higher than it’s been monthly after 4 years at Verizon and rarely exceeding .5gb. Now, since I’ve joined Xfinity, it’s constantly near 1.5-2gb. It’s not making sense so I tried shutting off cell data on my phone and reset my stats. In the past hour it has used 1.1mb of cell data - on my WiFi and again with cell data completely shut off. I have an iphone12 from Xfinity and im finding this very suspicious. Anyone else?  


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3 m ago

Are you turning on airplane mode or just turning off cellular data? Do you have WiFi Calling enabled? What apps or items are showing data usage?

Be aware that if you are using WiFi Calling, which is an indirect internet link to XM/Verizon servers, you will be charged for MMS data usage but not for calls or SMS. Verizon does not charge for MMS data. 

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