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Thu, Oct 29, 2020 7:00 PM

Can I simply buy a new iPhone SE 2020 and swap devices on one of my lines that currently has an iPho

Seems like a simple question, but I guess I don't know how to ask.


I have an account with 5 lines. On one of the lines I have a failing Iphone 6s. I want to replace it with an iPhone SE 2020 that I buy from, say apple. I will buy it unlocked.


When I ask the xFiniity agent, they want the IMEI for a phone that I've not purchased to check compatibility. A bit of a catch-22 situation.


Will this work? Is there a correct way to ask this question? The question seems simpe to me....



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7 m ago

Upgrade for an SE or other iPhone through Xfinty Mobile and get $250 back!


The $250 iPhone promo is also for upgrading your current phone, but it takes a few more steps and you will receive a debit card in 16 to 18 weeks. Follow these steps:


1.) Choose your new iPhone, color, storage, and pay in full, then click Select Device

2.) Then sign into your account if you didn't already do this

3.) Choose Replace a device and enter or choose the appropriate device being replaced and any other options, and so on. 

You will pay the full price plus taxes applied to your cc on file.  You will probably not see anything about the $250 promo as you do this, but it's automatic. Within a week or two after you receive and activate your new iPhone you will see your new purchase in the Xfinty rewards site. 

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