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Sun, Mar 28, 2021 12:04 PM

Calls Drop Everytime on Xfinity WiFi!

Okay it's bad enough I was told I would have service at my house if I switched to Xfinity Mobile (flat out lie no service at all).

Now I have to deal with Wifi calling dropping all the time!  Only on Xfinity Wifi.  Every damn call!  Multiple phones/models so it is not the phone and don't try to tell me different.

Whether I call someone or they call me it is guaranteed to drop every single time. I have never had it not happen in over a years time.  Bought a brand new S21 5g from Xfinity because I was told it was an issue with the phone.  Guess what it's not.

Is there a fix for this?  I've searched the forums and the internet and apparently this is an issue with Xfinity and has been known for quite some time and as far as I can tell nothing has been done to fix it!  Prove me wrong and tell me the fix.

Oh yeah and I'm also on my second Xfinity modem.  I now have the white one which I was told was an upgrade.  And it has done it across every Xfinity modem I have had.  When ever I go away and I actually have a signal the phone works perfectly no disconnects.  Restarts on the modems have fixed nothing.  Could be one minute or no more than 10-15 minutes but the call will disconnect.  Do you know how aggravating this is when you are on important calls!  Yeah even calls to Comcast drop! 

Okay Comcast you suckered me into your worthless always be connected if you switch to us garbage talk. You suckered me into buying expensive phones from you (about 2500 dollars in phones over the course of a year).  You told me I would have actual cell service.  I think it's time you just stop and fix this issue.  Surprised there is no class action lawsuit because of this.  Telling me to buy a new and more expensive phone and that would fix it!  Now I'm suckered into your payment scheme and can't even switch carriers because I can't afford it!

Fix your stuff and make it work like it should!


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6 m ago

Yikes! @bear989us I am sorry to learn about the internet service issues. This is definitely not the experience that we ever want to hear about. We offer our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience that this experience has caused you. Thank you for reaching out over our Forums page. You have reached the perfect team to take ownership of this issue. We can help and will do all that we can to get this fixed in a timely manner. To get started, would you mind sending us a private message with your first/last name and confirm if your address begins with 23, by clicking the chat icon located in the top right corner on your forums page when signed in. Once there, you can search for "Xfinity Support" to compose your direct message.



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@ComcastGabe We're having similar issues with the xFi Modem dropping wifi calls for our Xfinity Mobile S20+ Galaxy phones. We're really close to changing providers because it's very frustrating for us to have several wifi calls dropped during our work day (fyi, my wife and I both work from home). As with @bear989us, connecting with a person on a call at Xfinity or Xfinity Mobile is next to impossible. What is the best process for us to take to get resolution on this matter?



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This is the same exact thing. I can’t get a hold of anyone at Xfinity. I’m so angry because emergencies happen. When they do I won’t be able to be reached. I can’t receive or make calls up to two hours. It switches either two hours or 45 minutes. Never mind the amount of dropped calls. I have a son who should be able to reach me anytime. Where is everyone? This is a new two year contract. I’m ready to bring back the phones and drop Xfinity. This is insane, you can’t speak to a live person. [Edited: "Language"]


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I am a parent too so I totally get it. I was going based off my previous experience with my phone doing the same thing which is why I asked. I want to make sure we are respecting your time and not repeat the steps you have taken previously. What troubleshooting steps have you taken? 

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2 m ago

WiFi calling is regular calling on your cellphone, except your carrier routes the call over an available WiFi network instead of its cellular network. When you call, your phone automatically selects the best network — cellular or WiFi — you don't need to do anything.
2.4 GHz connection travels farther at lower speeds, while 5 GHz frequencies provide faster speeds at shorter range. Which frequency you choose will depend on where and how you use your WiFi connection most.
WiFi Calling Possible Problem
If you move around your house or away from you house and your phone hands off from one WiFi network name (SSID) to another WiFi network name (SSID), could be a neighbor’s SSID, it may drop a call. If you have a newer router with both 2.4 and 5 GHz activated on the same SSID, not necessarily a good idea for a phone, your call may drop if your phone is handed off from one to the other as you get further or closer to your router. 
Probable Fix
1.) Make sure that your phone is not handing off from one SSID to another SSID by turning off all automatic connections to any other nearby WiFi networks. You may have to “forget” some networks that you connected to previously. 
2.) Reconfigure your router SSID to only use either 2.4 or 5 GHz, not both. Newer routers may have automatically been set to use both which is great for desktops and laptops, but not for WiFi Calling on phones. If you need the extra range use 2.4 GHz. 
WiFi Calling requires a strong and consistent signal!
Good Luck. 

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