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Tue, Dec 17, 2019 8:00 PM

BYOD Compatibility for Xfinity Mobile make of phone or IMEI

The compatibility check for Bring Your Own Device for Xfinity Mobile uses IMEI, and does anybody know what that is telling Comcast? Is it the make and model of the cell phone only that would be compatible or not, or something about the account (locked or non-transferable)?

I am a happy Xfinity Mobile user myself (iPhone 6), and I was sure that about a half year ago when visiting my 92 year old dad I did the compatibility check for his Samsung Galaxy Express 3 and the IMEI returned that it was compatible. Now that I'm ready to help him switch, his IMEI entered comes back as his phone not  being compatible.

Does anybody know if there is more to IMEI than just make/model? Or also, does anybody actually have a Samsung Galaxy Express 3 phone that is used with Xfinity Mobile?


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1 y ago

Hi com-forum-apple, thank you for reaching out to Xfinity Mobile through the Forum. I can appreciate the concern you have regarding our BYOD (bring your own device) compatibility. We would like to be able to activate any device make or model, and we are working hard on expanding our options.


Our BYOD program is limited to which devices can be brought to Xfinity Mobile, we currently support iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S series, Note, and Google Pixel devices. Although your device is a Samsung phone, it is not one of the devices that can be activated as a BYOD.


You can keep checking our site for any updates, as of now we do not have a time frame for when we will be able to allow for the full Samsung line up. I hope this information helps. Please feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.

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5 m ago

Comcast is looking for people to switch over to Xfinity Mobile, but they don't make it easy for someone to BYOD. A month ago, i bought two unlocked Samsung phones that were also being sold on the Xfinity site. When i checked the IMEI for the S20 5G, it was compatible. The A71 was not. I was told that the A71 was not compatible with the network (answer via chat). Ordered another S20 5G, which came in a month later, and went to check both phones for compatibility, and was confused when not only the second phone, but the phone that was compatible a month ago, was no longer compatible. After talking to two live agents, they also said that the IMEIs weren't compatible. Talking to the second live chat person, she saw that the IMEIs came back as not compatible, but the phones should have been compatible. Tried to order the SIM cards, but couldn't be ordered, because, you guessed it  "the IMEIs were not compatible". So, my next move is to either return the two unlocked phones back to Amazon, or go off and find another carrier. With the confustion just trying to find a compatible phone (and one that dropped off the compatible list after a month), I am thinking that my best option is to go with another carrier. Oh, and don't try to email a question to Comcast, because they don't take emails.

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