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Sat, Nov 16, 2019 1:00 PM

BYOD Activation


My wife had an LG Stylo 4 on the XM service and replaced it with a Sytlo 5. I want to activate the Stylo 4 on a new line with XM for my son.


One agent said no problem, unfortunately we were disconnected and on a callback, the next agent said it was not possible.  


I explained this phone had been on the XM network 3 days prior but she said it was now considered a BYOD and was not allowed. Is this true? If so, how messed up is that!

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1 y ago

Hello scottsw1,

Thank you for bringing this to my attention and my apologies for the inconvenience you’ve encountered. I am more than happy to provide the needed information. I can confirm that we are unable to re-establish service on the LG Stylo 4 even though it was purchased from Xfinity Mobile (XM).

When the device was upgraded to the new Stylo 5 on the existing number, the grandfathered system codes associated with the LG Stylo 4 were removed from the system. At that point, the process was irreversible, and the LG Stylo 4 became an incompatible device with our system.

The XM BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program, currently only applies to Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. As it relates to Apple iPhones, our BYOD program will only support devices from the 6 series and upwards.

Per Samsung Galaxy devices, we only support models from the 8 series and onward. It used to be that the BYOD program only supported iPhone but now has expanded to Samsung Galaxy. Know that we are continually assessing the options offered to customers and will take your situation into consideration.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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9 m ago

I was looking to upgrade my phone and really like the LG G8 ThinQ and was looking by one used for half the price of new.  I've confirmed that LG can still not be BYOD, even though it was an Xfinity phone.  This must be purely a business decision, it's obviously not a technical issue.  I understand wanting to limit supporting compatibility issues with BYOD devices, but phones sold BY Xfinity should be supported because they're known to work.  You can bring a Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel phone from another carrier and use it, but you can't bring an Xfinity LG phone. It seems completely insane that a device sold and supported by Xfinity, for use on their network, can not be used once it's removed from an account.  This needs to be changed.   

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