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Thu, Jul 22, 2021 7:58 PM


Someone needs to explain to me why I am being charged $107.55 instead of the agreed cost of $14.00 per month. I even had no problem paying the $35.00 per month as that is what I was paying before your sales person sold me on the deal we both talked about. I have already gone back to the Raynham store to get answers and they were unable to help me...
Why does your company do this to people? I am handicapped and can not keep going back and forth with this and I am not paying you $107.55 for this bill.
If I keep feeling harassed, I will report you to the Disabled Persons Protection Commission as I have Multiple Sclerosis and your way of doing business is abuse...
Please fix this!
Ed C.
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Hello user_8252fe, welcome to the Xfinity Forums and thank you for creating a post. We certainly value your business, and want to make sure you are in a plan that fits your needs, and that is priced comfortably for you. I can assist with reviewing your account for lower cost options that may be available. Please send me a private message by clicking the chat icon located in the top right corner on your forums page when signed in. Once there, you can search for "Xfinity Support" to compose your direct message. Please include your first and last name to get started.


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