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Sun, Feb 2, 2020 12:00 PM

Bad Experience Ever!!!! Done with xfinity

Ok so i have both xfinity mobile for almost 2 years and Xfinity Cable for more then 10 years. I love both! & i Never had a problem until Friday January 31, 2020. On my birthday. & I’m discussed. So my Cell phone had just got disconnected for not paying the bill. I was at work so i waited in till i got off to try to pay it. Being a single mother of 3 boys my money is limited. I had a bill of $176. Ok. The card i had on file didn’t have that amount on it and knowing you can’t do split payments online ,because that’s the way i usually pay it, i called your 1-888-936-4968. I had 2 different cards with the amount of my past due bill on them. 1st i was on hold for almost an hour then when i finally got through to someone i got transferred to a woman way outside of the U.S & forgive me I don’t discriminate. I love people all different shapes colors sizes. She could NOT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING I WAS SAYING TO HER. & i couldn’t either. I should have got off the phone. But being that i was already on hold 4 an hour i said i was going to b patient with this woman. I specifically said what the situation was. My phone was disconnected and that i had 2 different cards with the amount of the phone bill on it. So when i finally got her to understand and we processed the payment i waited around to receive a message about my service. NEVER GOT IT. Turned it off and back on a couple of times. Still didn’t work. So i proceed to call the cards company that i used. The payments went through. So now I’m like that’s weird. I call xfinity back and it was a bunch of excuses. The woman who couldn’t speak English and obviously couldn’t understand English processed my payment of my phone bill that was $176 and applied it to the phone itself which is the XS Max. Mind u that’s y WE PAY INSTALLMENTS!!!. So we don’t have to pay that much money out of pocket. So now I’m out of $176 and my phone is still disconnected. I talked to supervisors and they tried to say i processed the payment cause they see where it was done online... Like DUHHHHH. You have to verify information for them to even get into your account. And again i COULDN’T because it was a split payment!!! Someone else had to have done it. Then they tried to say i didn’t talk to anyone. So basically i was on hold for a hour and didnt talk to anyone but a Ghost. Then they said the woman let me know that the money was going to b applied to the phone itself. So i fired back... i have 3 phones on my account if that was the case ,which isn’t because you just said they couldn’t find where i was even talking to a human being, how would they have known which phone i wanted to apply the money to? & doesn’t it seem ironic that the amount of the past due bill is the same exact amount that was applied to the phone itself? Now which 1 is it? All calls are recorded right??? That’s what they say when u call. Then i was told that i called from my phone which was a complete lie. I called from my sisters phone. They dont Care about nobody or what they have going on. And they are wrong!! Admit the mess up on your end and fix it. That’s how a company works. They basically blamed me and I’m the customer. Not so good customer service if u ask me. They cover for each other. & that lets me know This is what they do and how they go. After this I’m DONE WITH XFINITY ALL TOGETHER.



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1 y ago

Hello NakiaT,

Thank you for taking the time to post to the forum and my sincerest apology for the troubles you mention to have encountered. I’m more than happy to investigate this for you. Please contact me through private message.

Click on my name ComcastChrisL so that you can be directed to my profile page. On my profile page, you’ll see a blue ‘send a message’ button.  In your private message please include the following;

First and last name, the mobile number, the complete service address, and the last 4 digits of the stored payment method on file.

Once I authenticate the account, I’ll be doing the needed research. Thanks again for your time and patience.


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