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Mon, May 18, 2020 7:00 PM

bad customer service

Beware of that the customer service operators are getting away with. I've been dealing with them and have been an unsatisfied customer from the first day I activated my two phones with Xfinity. I put my trust and money into this company and I have been misinformed from the first day I activated and switched my phone service to Xfinity mobile. For one... I didn't realize XFINITY .. and XFINITY mobile is two total different companies. I was waiting in hold for like 5 hours as a time to just be redirected and forward to another wrong department. Ive been trying to return my pixel 4 device from the first day I activated it. I was told I would be able to without a problem. I even went to my local Xifinity store here in my local city. I was worried that being the covid -19 started shutting down stores here I wouldnt be able to. I was assured once again. I was informed that there would be an extension on the 14 day window to do returns. That was also a lie. When I finally reached an operator from the tier 2... On the 14th day I had activated my device. I was told I would not be able to return my device without them keeping my phone number for 6 months after if I decided to breach my contract. And there was nothing he could do .... Not even exchange my device for a different phone ( the one I would be a little more satisfied with paying over 800 .00 for.) Anyhow..... I tried to be okay with my situation... But , I just really hate the fact that I'm stuck in this contract with them. I can't get over the fact that their operators were transfering there work location from their worksite to now working from home. They weren't held accountable for the calls that were coming in. Because they NEVER wrote down the reasons I was calling. They told me being a tier one operator they didn't have the options to keep notes of each call and their tools they had to complete certain tasks were unavailable to them. I was informed the supervisor... . Was too busy dealing with other calls from customers who were having financial hardships . I wasn't asking for anything more than to return my phone . Then when I was told that option wasn't available to me... Then I asked for a different phone. An exchange for something I could bare to keep. But .... When the 14 mark was passed. I was told that because I talked to a tier 2 operator that 14th he should of did the exchange because he had the authorization to do so. But since he didn't and I couldn't prove that .... That's what I had asked of him . Then there was nothing they could do for me. I'm getting charged double then what I agreed too ... I'm so .... Disgusted and mad about this whole situation. I feel Ive been lied to and tooken advantage of. I feel their customer service was wrong and didn't do their job right and I want to be heard IM NOT O.K. WITH THIS SITUATION. I don't even know what I'm paying for ...and being I have direct be deposit. Their just taking from my bank 2x a month.....   I should of been informed.... It's two different bills. At this point I just want out of these .... contracts... Help....anyone have a suggestion.??


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