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Sun, Oct 11, 2020 7:00 AM

Apple Watch Series 5 not activating


I see this error all over on this and other forums, 

Iphone Xs Max have tried all the iOs from 13. to 14.2 , reset phone to factory settings and tried

Have updated the watch to Watch OS 7.0.1

Have paired - un -paired it 15 times,

Have reset it 10 times back to factory

have reset network setting on the iPhone


Watch is Model # A 2095

network not availible

carrier not availible

ICCID - No Sim

MEID Not Availible

Modem Firmware 3.00.02


Always get an error when going to activate on Xfinity Mobile

Starts to load , but before it does anything it says Sorry, we have encountered an error, please try again later.

I have tried literaly like 30 times, nothing changes.

Dont know if this is an issue but did see it listed, This was on ATT at one time


Help !




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