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Wed, Nov 17, 2021 10:43 PM


Apple Watch activation issue

I've read numerous posts about the frustrations of activating an apple watch on our cellular plan.  The solution I found was to have someone manually enter the watch's IMEI and EID into the system so it shows up in the inventory for us to activate it.  Upon 2 weeks of calling and doing online chat no one seems to know how to get this to work.  I even mentioned to bring this up with the Executive Resolution team and all I got was a transfer to Apple because they think its a hardware issue.  (Edited: Profanity) I guess this is what we get for paying less.  Sub par service.  I'd rather pay more somewhere else than deal with this garbage


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9 m ago

@2Static Thank you for creating a post. We are sorry to hear that you have continued to have issues getting your watch activated. This is something you will need to work with our mobile team with. We do not have access to Xfinity Mobile accounts on this platform. This thread has some great troubleshooting as well!



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7 m ago

So the employee @XfinityTony  is wrong when suggesting to contact Xfinity Mobile in order to resolve this issue. Xfinity mobile agents have no idea what to do with this topic. The forum XfinityTony mentioned does have more help, which is great. But contacting an Xfinity Mobile agent is not recommended. I was on home for 30 minutes today when I decided to hang up after the agent was going to have me unpair my Apple Watch. I’ve already done that like 15 times for other Xfinity Mobile agents, and it didn’t work. For those first 29 minutes of the call the guy literally did nothing. I actually mean that: nada! What he did do for 29 minutes was chat with his managers in some chat forum discussing my case.  Every 3-5 mins he would ask if I was still there, before informing me that he was waiting for a manager to respond to his chat post. I am not sure why he didnt put me on hold, but that is like the 4th time an Xfinity agent forgoes putting a client on hold in favor of long awkward pauses exceeding 5 mins. When he finally said his managers have a solution for him, I was thinking that the last half hour may not be a waste after all. He then said, we are going to unpair your watch and reset your network settings. I started laughing because just yesterday I did that for a different agent and that didn’t work. So that’s when I told him I was hanging up since we literally accomplished nothing for the past half hour.

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