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Fri, Nov 27, 2020 9:00 PM

Android 11 update

I was told by an xfinity mobile customer service representative that the update is out of xfinity's hands. That it is up to the phone manufacturers to send out the update. I have learned that this is wrong information. The update comes from Google/Android and then it goes to the phone manufacturers. After the phone manufacturers do their little tweaks to the update it is then sent to each of the carriers (such as xfinity mobile) who then send it out to the necessary phones that deserve the update. My a71 5g should have been sent the update 55 days ago, and yet no update. I am not pleased with xfinity mobile at this time because of the misinformation I received from them.



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7 m ago



vary  slim   ch  that your  phone  will  get   the  android  11  upgrade   



please  go here    too  get  a better idea  on when   and what  phones   



your   phone is on   the

Devices on quarterly security update schedule  list     now   your  phone   may end  up  getting   the update    but  your phone may end  up being last  one in  line too  get it  after  the main    phones   get it   


but it  will be  up too  samasung  too  give  you  the  updae   has 1st they  would need too beta  test it   and then  roll  it  out 




other page  worth  checking  out 

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From what I see from the links that you shared, my phone will definitely receive the android 11 update. What I have a conflict with is that xfinity mobile service reps say that it is up to Samsung and that they have nothing to do with the update. Samsung sends each phone carrier a list of phones that can receive the update. I had to deal with this issue when I was with AT&T and they learned the truth about updates involving them as well as the phone manufacturers and Google.

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Your phone will get the update, but according to Samsungs own schedule, it won't be released until may of 2021 for the A71. The first in line for the Android 11 update are the current flagships (S20/S20 +/ S20 Ultra). The update has JUST started rolling out for those for Verizon only. I don't know where you got the 55 days information but that is incorrect.

As for the information xfinity provided you, they were partially correct. They are reliant on Samsung to release the version of Android 11 for your particular device so it's very possible that they don't know exactly when they will receive it.

I hope this clears it up a bit for you.

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