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Sat, Jul 9, 2022 3:13 AM

Adding more than 5 lines

I was told by the agent that I could have 7 lines but they needed to do 5 first and then would immediately do 2 more.  See conversation below

From Agent,

Please share the details of any card, card number, CVV and expiry of card.

From You, 

So we are going to do one order for 5 phones followed immediately by another order for 2 phones. Is that correct?

From Agent,

Yes you are absolutely correct.

After I did the five lines they told me they could do 7.  I wouldn't have switched if I knew that.  They advertised:

What is going on here.  What kind of a way to do business.  Also, follow this conversation with an agent a couple of days later.

Rishu: I see that currently your account not eligible for adding more line. I suggest you to activate your 5 existing line and wait for 7-10 days to get eligible for adding another up to 5 line

You: It says in your ad.

You: UnlimitedAs low as $30 per line per month with 4 Unlimited linesUnlimited dataarrow Icon1 Line$45/mo$45/mo first line2 Lines$80/mo$40/mo per line3 Lines$100/mo$33.33/mo per line4 Lines$120/mo$30/mo per line5 Lines$140/mo$28/mo per line6 Lines$160/mo$26.66/mo per line7 Lines$180/mo$25.71/mo per line8 Lines$200/mo$25/mo per line9 Lines$220/mo$24.44/mo per line10 Lines$240/mo$24/mo per linearrow Icon

You: It says 7 lines. Why am I not currently eligible.

Rishu: Yes, user can add up to 10 mobile line however maximum 5 line can be added at one time.

You: It doesn't say that on the website.

You: It says nothing about a waiting period. 

You: Are you sure about the waiting period?

Rishu: Yes absolutely

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5 months ago

Hi @user_c8800b, and thanks for reaching out to us at Xfinity Forums!


Thanks for letting us know how we can help, and we apologize for any confusion with the order entry process for your lines. 


We can certainly help investigate this further. To begin, please send a Direct Message with your full name and address. 


Here are the detailed steps to direct message us:
• Click "Sign In" if necessary
• Click the "Peer to peer chat" icon (upper right corner of this page)
• Click the "New message" (pencil and paper) icon
• Type "Xfinity Support" in the to line and select "Xfinity Support" from the drop-down list
• Type your message in the text area near the bottom of the window
• Press Enter to send your message



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5 months ago

Here is what I got when I contacted them directly and explained in detail what I was promised.

Thank you for joining us in direct messaging! We appreciate you taking time out of your day and want to ensure you’re able to get in touch with an awesome Xfinity Mobile expert to help get this resolved. Due to account security, our options with Xfinity Mobile accounts are very limited. We're unable to perform any device or account specific requests over this platform. Have you tried calling or texting 1 (888) 936-4968 where an Xfinity mobile expert is available 24/7? I do see the chat transcript here, but due to the nature of the situation, we would want to ensure that we get you in touch with one of our Mobile experts!  

I then called the number and was told they have no authority to do anything.  I asked who can I contract that does.  They said they didn't know.  I will keep you informed as to how this goes.  In my mind Xfinity had false advertising (7 lines for $140 a month with no mention of having to wait) and then promising me on the chat that I could immediately activate the remaining 2 lines if I completed the 5 first.



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4 months ago

I am experiencing the same run around and HORRIBLE customer service for a loyal customer of Xfinity since 2006 (its now 2022 for those archiving this post). I've had 5 lines since April 2022, was told that I could add more lines after 3 months; its now the end of August and I'm still unable to add the 6th line. Level 2 customer service rep asked his supervisor who didn't have the courtesy to speak with me directly but reflected over the cubicle that it depends upon my credit rating. Which as of today 8/12/22 is 810 rated Exceptional.

I've been reading posts like these dating back over 2 years and it would seem that Xfinity is ignoring the wishes of its loyal and well qualified, high credit report customers. No one seems empowered to override whatever their computer system enables them to do.

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