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Tue, Oct 13, 2020 7:00 PM

Activating a new Apple Watch 6 cellular

Having trouble activating a new Apple Watch 6 cellular.


Is @ComcastChrisL still around? I just spend a few hours on support with Marco and the Tier 2 Team and they gave up and sent me to Apple next.


Duiring activation I'm getting hung up on Step 1 of 4.

(ie Welcome Screen is seen with the option to click on Get Started. At this point,
initial eligibility checks are conducted. If the customer fails any of them, they
will see an error screen).


I'll try to private message you too.


Thanks Doug


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9 m ago

FYI: for those who are interested, @ComcastChrisL got my Apple Watch 6 activated today. He has the skills and the drive to get it done. And, he also has the compassion to communicate directly with we desperate customers looking for help here on the Community Forums. 


Realize, it took awhile to get to this point, it was three weeks ago that I started the process of learning from posts here, talking to a number of helpful XM people on Chat and on the phone. But in the end it was Chris who showed up and then immediately everything started happening.


doluckie 🙂



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2 m ago

Please help, I’m having issues with my series 3. 

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