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Wed, May 20, 2020 7:00 AM

A truly unbelievably bad customer service experience.

So I want to give @xfinitymobile a shot.


Its a great deal for existing Internet/Cable subscribers, which I am, on top of the fact they had $200 off iphone SE's (all iphones as well.)


First I tried to just transfer service and purchase phones through the internet to avoid all potential unpleasantries with the infamous Comcast Customer Service department. After 4 tries, I gave up, only to waste 2 hours with 2 different online agents, and finally landing with a 3rd agent on the phone in hopes of figuring out the problem. Instead, I got 3 different explanations of plans and phone options without transferring my service.


A very brief summary:

1st agent: "You cant get the site to give you 2 lines with 2 phones because your credit is probably not good enough.”


I informed him that this could not possibly be true. (No credit check was performed, and I have great credit, alongside being a 10 yr customer who has never missed a payment) After he argued that it was true, and based on a “Algorithm,” I ended the chat, believing it to be a lost cause based on the assumption that one of us didn’t know what the word “Algorithm” meant, and it most likely wasn’t me.


“Every company has an outlier employee right?”I try to convince myself as I calculate potential monthly savings. Let’s try this again...


2nd agent: "Nope that guy was wrong. I can take care of you." 30 mins later... "You cant share a data plan if you want 2 phones with 2 lines." I politely inform the agent that their website clearly says you can, and ask to speak to a phone agent


3rd agent on phone: (I am obviously a glutton for punishment): "The previous agent doesn't know what she's talking about. I can transfer 2 lines, get you 2 phones and you can split one data plan"


Finally I'm getting somewhere, I think to myself. But wait...


"I'm sorry sir but you cant get the iPhone SE's because they are backordered."


Me: Ok, no problem, I know that, and I can wait for them to come in.


"Yes but you won't get the deal because it ends today."


Me: Ok, so what iPhones that are $200 off can I get today?


"We have a Google phone."


Me: I don't want a Google phone. You have a front page promo advertising iPhones at $200 off, and you have no iPhones that the deal applies to, is that what i'm hearing?


"We have a Samsung..."


Xfinity, I am a very patient man with customer service, but Sunday was beyond awful. In spite of all this, I would still love to switch to Xfinity mobile, if someone can make this right.  Can a knowledgable agent to earn my business by simply offering what I tried to get a few days ago?


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1 y ago

Would love to know if you ever get your issues resolved.  I had a very similar horrible customer service experience(s) over the last few days.  The agents never seems to be able to get beyond the level 1 script.  I too got the "bad credit score" line which is impossible.  During the last call, I insisted on speaking to a supervisor and after asking many times, finally got to a supposed floor manager who repeated all the same nonsense.  I again insisted on speaking to his boss, and was eventually connected with someone I suspect was posing as supervisor who also was no help at all.  This last guy claimed to have opened a support ticket and said I'd get a call back within 7-days - ridiculous!   I have a feeling he just made up a ticket number to get me off the line since he also said there is no way for me to check on the status of the ticket.   What a clown show.   The saddest part about it is that I've actually been super happy with the actual mobile network performance. - too bad the customer service is so horrible. 


You can read my entire sad story here:  https://forums.xfinity.com/t5/Xfinity-Mobile/Criteria-for-adding-a-5th-line-to-Xfinity-Mobile/td-p/3338025


By the way are there actual Xfinity moderators on this forum who might be able to help?

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