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Thu, Mar 10, 2022 1:36 AM

Accidentally Forgot a Device

I accidentally forgot my PC on xfi. I've been trying to reconnect my PC to it by disconnecting from the internet and reconnecting. Although, it isn't working. I don't see my PC pop back up on the devices page and I need it on there to port forward and place it under a profile.

How do I reconnect it manually? I can't forget the wifi on this PC since I'm connected via ethernet.

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5 m ago

Hi, @user_46d1a8. Thank you for reaching out. I understand you removed your PC, and you are having trouble adding it back. Although you forget the PC on xFi, it should still populate as a new device once connected. Has the PC always been hardwired, or has it connected wirelessly before? Have you tried a general reboot of the Xfinity Gateway as well?

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