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Fri, Feb 7, 2020 6:00 PM

Xfinity tech support is terrible

I've been on the phone a total of 3 hrs now with the same issue I started with. I wanted to change my broadcast frequency channel from 1 to 6 or 9. This is because a tech, which just left my house advised me to do so. He told me he was locked out from changing my setting on my modem. I called and spoke with 7 diff. Ppl. All of whom I were told were picked randomly, but was told by the previous rep they "escalated my call to the right person that could help." One of the latest reps thought I wanted to change my channel 1 and asked me if that was epix????? 1000th person the call is escalated to and he thinks I'm having a cable TV channel issue! But every previous rep told me the next person would know, through the notes exactly what I was calling so I didn't have to repeat myself. One of them even sent me to the billing department for a technical issue! I am still on the phone now with a "Clarissa" who is doing what every single other rep said they would do. She said she was the first rep I talked to from advanced wifi repair, then the other 6 ppl transferred me to their colleague sitting next to them in a department which they already told me couldnt help me. Very disappointed, and lastly now Clarissa is telling me she is going to report this problem to their network engineer. Also tried to get my xfi pods deleted off my acct. I dont see them on my xfi app but one rep swore up and down they are still linked to my acct. So then if that's true, they couldn't remove the pods either. What good is technical support if I can't get simple problems solved. So I'm gonna sit here and suffer with sybil par internet speed while I pay 100 dollars a month for 1 gig internet. I'm getting 40 mbps and sometimes lower on the download end, wifi wise, with 1000 mbps prices!!


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