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Xfinity pass

I tried using Xfinity pass and it says I don’t have it

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Ahoy! I am new to Xfinity's Wi-FI Now Pass for a month. I want to know if I can remove a Motorola T-Mobile Revelry as one of my two connected devices. This Motorola T-Mobile Revelry is only accepting AC charging and I can't charge it easily enough. I have [Edited: "Personal Information"] as my e-mail address for my Xfinity Wi-FI Now Pass. How do I add another smart phone and remove this one?


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Now, I have found a solution. I have a small, rectangular Griffin power bank charger that I got for about $20 from a Navarro/CVS. I plugged it into this Motorola T-Mobile Revelry with a usb-c type cable or cord that I got from an electronic cigars shop and to my delight, it charges my Motorola T-Mobile Revelry fairly fast without showing the connected charger as slow and not compatible. 

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