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Sunday, May 29th, 2022 12:12 AM


Xfinity Gateway Port Forward Incorrect IP

Here's a summary of the issues I've been having over the last few months with port forwarding through my Xfinity Gateway:

  • Port forwarding cannot be set up through the default gateway, as is standard with other modems. Instead, Xfinity sends you to "xfinity.com/myxfi" to set up port forwarding.
  • Sometimes the device I'm trying to set up port forwarding for is not shown in the "Connected Devices" list.
  • Sometimes the device is shown in the "Connected Devices" list, but shows the wrong IP address for the device.
  • Sometimes the device is shown in the "Connected Devices" list with the correct IP address, but when setting up port forwarding for the device, a port is opened on the wrong IP address.

I've already tried the following actions to fix the issue with no luck:

  • Attempting to set up port forwarding through the Xfinity mobile app.
  • Attempting to release and renew the IP address on my device with ipconfig/release, ipconfig/renew.
  • Disconnecting and forgetting the device on "xfinity.com/myxfi", then reconnecting the device.
  • Using all of the "Reset/Restore Gateway" options in the troubleshooting tab of the default gateway.
  • Unplugging the gateway from power for several minutes, then plugging back in.
  • Several combinations of the above actions.

It seems like when one issue randomly fixes itself, another pops up. I've read that many customers have been having the same problems for years, with no clear solution. How is this not fixed yet? Seems like the only proper solution is to buy a 3rd-party Xfinity compatible modem and router that gives you proper control through the default gateway.

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1 year ago

Hey, @user_192e7a! Thanks for posting on our community forums for assistance with your port forwarding issues. I would like you to check first the IP address status on our Admin page to make sure it is not set up as a static IP. If it is, the static IP should be removed, the Xfinity app will use the IP address from DHCP to set a static MAC bind and establish the port forward rule. You can check this by visiting our Gateway Admin page ( 

  • Username: admin
  • Password: password

You should be able to customize the login information if it is the first time you are accessing the admin page this way. 


Check Device Details and confirm that the device is using an IPv4 address to connect to the network and not an IPv6 address. The Xfinity app can only support port forwards for devices using IPv4 addresses. 


Also, if the device is dual-stack, you should check with the device manufacturer on how to disable the IPv6 or set the IPv4 as “Preferred”. Let me know if this helps. 






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@XfinityDilary​ Thanks for the response. I tried what you suggested:

  • Disabled IPv6 on my device (it was setup for dual-stack) and confirmed the IPv4 is correct on the default gateway admin page and the Xfinity webpage.
  • Confirmed that my device's IP is set to DHCP on the default gateway admin page.

Unfortunately, neither of these suggestions helped. When I attempt to setup a port forward on the device, the IP does not match that of my device.

Why doesn't Xfinity provide customers with the option to setup port forwards through the modem's default gateway admin page, as is standard with other ISPs?

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@user_192e7a - Thank you for trying the self-service steps! Could you please send our team a message with your full name and full address? Our team can most definitely take a further look at this issue.
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