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Fri, Jun 24, 2022 9:53 PM

Xfinity App, won't show device IPs now???

I have version 4.10.0 on my iPhone.  When I choose Connect from the bottom, click on a device then click Manage device details it no longer shows the device's IP address. Am I missing something now?

If not, what [Edited: "Language"] is this useless app anymore?  First they take away device usage right after they announce the 1.2TB limit, port forwarding has been broken for many people for months now and now I can't see the IP address any device is pulling on my network!

This app is a complete dumpster fire joke and it needs buried and never used again.  Additionally, we need the ability to access all of the gateway's feature on its local admin page.  This [Edited: "Language"].

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Couldn't agree more! Every one of these posts I see has no response either

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